The Amalfi Coast is simply one of the most amazing coastlines in Europe. The steep cliffs ending into the deep blue water and the pastel coloured houses built tightly together on the hillside. At the very top of the mountains is a trail called path of the Gods, not an easy hike, but well worth the effort. Away from the crowds down below you find Ravello a cute little hilltop town overlooking the whole Amalfi Coast. There is simply not a better way to experience this truly incredible part of Italy.

Here are a few tim images captured by KT Merry on her last trip to speak at Moda e Arte.


amalfi coast--4wedding photography workshopktmerry-amalfi coast- ktmerry-amalfi coast-0005 -amalfi coast-6 -amalfi coast-7 kt-amalfi coast-0021 kt-amalfi coast-10Join us for the Fall Workshop October 20 th – 23rd.